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Larry Griffith


Come Up Hard

Larry was brought up in the inner city of Cincinnati, Ohio by a single parent along with nine other siblings. The dilapidated three tiered tenement literally shook with the radio and vinyl record sounds of everything from blues, gospel, and soul, to jazz. It was in this fertile, eclectic musical environment that 9 year old Larry first picked up a pen and copied the lyrics of Willie Dixon, Bob Dylan, Laura Nero, Billy Strayhorn and countless others. Larry marveled at these wonderful storytellers and it eventually led him to write his own stories.

Two brothers returning from the military armed with funds from the GI Bill allowed the Griffith family to upgrade to the Walnut Hills section of Cincinnati, which housed the legendary King Records. Seeing great artists in the neighborhood like Freddie King, Bill Doggett, Hank Ballard, Ivory Joe Hunter and even the Godfather of Soul himself James Brown was an ordinary occurrence. As a matter of fact it was Wesley Hargrove of Hank Ballard’s Midnighters who first took 16 year old Larry into Federal Records recording studio to drum on several demos. This led to stints as a session drummer, weekend touring and a bird’s eyes view of the not so pretty side of the business all while still in his teens.

Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys had a profound effect on Larry because of the way Jimi married sonic sounds with futuristic, introspective lyrics. It was also around this time that he fell in lifelong love with the lyrical phasing of John Coltrane.

Nothin' But the Blues

Relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in the 1990s, Larry discovered then quickly became immersed in the thriving Atlanta blues scene. It was here he had finally found a musical genre wide enough to accommodate his eclectic tastes. Still, it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that “the dream” turned everything on its ear.

While staying at a backwoods motel in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Larry who previously had no designs on or inclinations toward guitar experienced the same dream three nights in a row. In “the dream”, he was onstage ripping it up on guitar like a man possessed, working the deep delta juke joint crowd into a sweet, sweaty frenzy. Fully awakened, Larry came back to Atlanta and told his friend and bandmate, Chicago Joe Jones of his strange dream. It was Joe who then gave Larry his first guitar, a no-name something or other that he had found at a garage sale for a $1. From these humble beginnings and equipped with the visual of the Mississippi delta dream, Larry strapped on, plugged in, turned up and began chipping away.



Track Listing:

1: Hoodoo Hannah
2: Always Going To Be Something With You
3: It Ain't What They Call You
4: I Know
5: I Do, I Did, I'm Done
6: Slow Grind
7: Had Enough
8: I'm Free
9: Mama Tried

Shake It Loose

Track Listing:

1: Keep Ridin
2: Every King Needs a Queen
3: All I Really Wanna Do
4: Our Love Is In Good Hands
5: Aint Puttin Up
6: Shake It Loose

You Can't Turn a Hoochie Into a Housewife

Track Listing:

1: You Can't Turn a Hoochie Into a Housewife

Get Up

Track Listing:

1: My Jack Is Jumpin'
2: Get Up, Get Out
3: Can't Go Back
4: I'm Tired
5: Why, Baby?

High Wire Walkin'

Track Listing:

1: Better Man
2: Oh, My Lawd!
3: You Ain't Walkin Out That Door
4: Out of My Reach
5: One of Us Got's to Go
6: Without Annette
7: Lunatic On the Line
8: Head Over Heels
9: Tell Her
10: This Love of Ours
11: You're the One
12: Rethinkin My Thoughts

Hard As It Gets

Track Listing:

1: Drivin Me Away
2: Blues Is Callin' My Name
3: Damn If It Didn't Rain
4: Hard As It Gets
5: I'll Specialize
6: Somebody Better Call Somebody
7: It's Time
8: Don't Wanna Be Here
9: Cora Lee
10: Keep Ridin'
11: Let Yourself Slide
12: One Good Woman

I Want A Big Legged Woman

Track Listing:

1: I Want a Big Legged Woman (With Good Credit)


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The Truth RemainsOctober 5, 2014

The truth remains the truth whether you believe it or not,but a lie ONLY exist because you believe it...

- Don Miguel Ruiz

The MusicSeptember 28, 2014

Don't leave this place with the music still in you..

- Dr. Wayne Dyer


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Living Blues Reviews October 1, 2014

The all original playlist kicks off with a pair of hard-driving modern blues that show Griffith at his best. Damn If It Didn't Rain, however, changes directions as Delta Jon Harris's slashing slide guitar licks lead the way & a vocal trio lends a gospel feel. Next up is the title track, a lyrical & musical relative of Why I Sing the Blues, followed by the deep soul ballad I'll Specialize. Somebody Better Call Somebody & It's Time take things back up tempo & Jeff Baker's harmonica joins Harris's slide to go railroading on Don't Wanna Be Here. Cora Lee is a jazzy strut with backing vocals, & Griffith's drums drive Keep Ridin', while his vocal sounds uncannily like Smokehouse's Anthony Thompson. Let Yourself Slide takes us to the dance floor, & One Good Woman closes the proceedings with a funky beat & a piece of good advice. Griffith is one of a growing cadre of bluesmen who should be better known outside their local scene & this album should move him closer to that goal

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Larry Griffith, steeped in the blues tradition, reminds us of the roots of the blues and soul music, by combining the honesty his entertaining lyrics and his wide range of styles "Hard As It Gets" is an album of a musician worth discovering!

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Get Up

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High Wire Walkin'

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Hard As It Gets

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Big Legged Woman

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